Why Glass Tops Beat Granite and Marble Countertops

The renovation of your home is nearly complete. You’ve spent countless hours dreaming up the house you’ve always wanted to live in and create memories within, and it’s nearly finished. All that remains is the last few details to work out before you can claim it done. One of those finishes is the type of countertop you wish to have installed in your kitchen. At first, you may immediately think to go with the status quo and select the ever-popular granite or marble. However, you may want to consider a few things before following the crowd.

In some cases, granite counter-tops have actually been shown to contain uranium within it, which gives off radon in the air over time. While many say that these levels aren’t high enough to pose a health risk to anyone, you may not feel overly confident in setting your food down on the top to start preparing it for dinner. Granted, not every granite countertop contains uranium, but the risk is still present. For those who have pregnant family members, it may just be too much of a risk to take.

If that wasn’t enough to reconsider using granite and marble, then perhaps you should consider the levels of disease found in a kitchen. While many think that bathrooms are actually the germiest rooms of the house, scientists have found that kitchens actually contain the highest number of germs. There are numerous reasons for this, but one of them has to do with the clumsy cleaning of cracks and seams found on kitchen countertops. When marble and granite inevitably crack, germs and bacteria can collect within it and breed. The busy and short-on-time cook of the house may not properly clean the area–especially within the crack or seam–which means these germs are free to grow and contaminate the entire area. So, the next time you’re making a quick meal in the kitchen, it may just be on a bed of germs.

What can you use instead of granite and marble then? Glass. Not only does it look sharper and more modern, but glass does not crack like granite and marble. This means that there won’t be any germs and bacteria breeding and lying in wait to contaminate your food. It also doesn’t contain uranium or gives off radon, so you don’t have to worry about unintentionally giving a pregnant person in your home complications. So, the choice to acquire glass tops FT Mitchell KY may seem obvious at this point. Besides the alleviation of health risks and fears, it also just so happens to look stylish and elegant.

So, why follow the status quo and instead choose your own path? Instead of gaudy granite and marble, perhaps you’ll choose to select an elegant and timeless countertop. After all, granite and marble are especially trendy, and after a few years, people will be tearing it out for the next trend. In this way, you can rest assured that your kitchen will stand the proof of time.