The Importance of Topsoil

There are many reasons to use topsoil Puyallup WATopsoil is the top 2 or 3 feet that cover the earth, but people usually think of something different when they are talking about landscaping needs. Natural topsoil consists of a lot of different things like clay, organic matter, and sand. Just one inch of natural topsoil can take up to 1,000 years for the Earth to produce. Out of all of the layers of dirt on the Earth, topsoil is the most fertile and most suitable to grow plants and crops.

Erosion Reduction

Because plants grow best in topsoil, their root structure can help keep the ground around them from eroding away over time. Trees are one of the most useful natural tools to prevent erosion, but even smaller plants like grass help a great deal. Topsoil is an important part of the ecosystem because of how vital it is in the growth of plants. When topsoil is removed or destroyed leaving the land bare, it becomes much more susceptible to the effects of erosion.

Retaining Nutrients

With topsoil being the most nutrient-rich part of the ground, it is absolutely vital when trying to sustain plant life on your property anywhere in the world. Topsoil is much more porous than the layers of soil below it and this is why it is able to hold the gas and water that plants need to live and grow. The nutrients in topsoil come from the decomposition of organic matter on the top of the soil. This organic matter can come from either dead animal or plant life. During the process of decomposition, microorganisms feed on the matter and create humus. Humus is the end result after these microorganisms digest the organic matter, it creates rich aggregates in the soil that help promote plant growth. When topsoil is concentrated with a lot of humus, it becomes very fertile.

Promotes Plant Life

Without topsoil, plants will have a very hard time taking root and growing on the bare land. Topsoil is much less hard than the ground underneath which allows for the root systems of new plants to be able to take hold and expand. With topsoil’s ability to retain nutrients so effectively, the root system and the entire plant, in general, are able to grow stronger and faster than they would without it. Even in some of the harshest conditions like the desert or tundra can produce plant life as long as good topsoil is used on the land. In fact, many times the plant life is still able to flourish quite well with regular maintenance and care. In areas like the rainforest where the topsoil is reduced, anything other than ancient trees that have been there for generations can survive. In the rainforest, it has been found almost impossible to do any type of conventional farming.

Topsoil isn’t just for aesthetics. It has a lot more uses that are vital to the eco-system. If the topsoil on your property has been removed or eroded away, it’s important to make sure that it is replaced before any permanent damage takes place.