Reasons to have House Shutters

There are reasons to have shutters on a home and why homeowners want them. These are not new, in fact, shutters have been around since almost the beginning of the country, though they served different purposes then. Shutters can change the entire exterior appearance of a home at a minimal cost. They give a house a finished appearance in a way that other upgrades will not and can be installed in complementing colors.

A Little Shutter History

In the past not only did shutters look nice on homes they actually opened and closed. This was to protect from cold weather conditions but also, they served to provide protection. Once closed the shutters could be barred. This was to keep anyone or anything bad outside and while they did give this protection they also allowed inhabitants to use weapons when necessary. In time shutters for protection except for those used for weather events became an adornment to the exterior of a house rather than for actual use. These shutters that began being used are permanently basically for aesthetics rather than being functional.

Types of Shutters

There are different types of shutters though most are made of a type of material that has a vinyl in it with a large selection of with a type that will complement the style of different types of homes. These styles include:

  • Louvered:These are one of the most common types of shutters and have slats from top to bottom with a narrow solid frame.
  • Raised Panel: These shutters are solid but have a solid sectioned top and bottom panel within a solid frame.
  • Board and Baton:These shutters are individual vertical boards in appearance with a mid-top and mid-bottom horizontal singular board. They also have a unique shape that unlike other types that are square this type has a semi-rounded top with a square bottom.
  • Plantation Shutters:This type of shutter has the ability to open and close rather than other types of shutters that are stationary when installed.There are other types of exterior shutters such as cutout ones that have a solid panel and within the solid panel, a decorative design is cut out. However, rather than a standard shutter commonly used these are a special-order type of style that would not fit the style of most homes.

    The Reasons to have House Shutters

    There are common sense reasons to have shutters on a home but most of the reasons lead to the same result. The first reason is to enhance the exterior of the home and this leads to curb appeal. Curb appeal leads to an increased value of the home. This value like any other upgrade will increase the asking price if or when the home is put on the market for sale. The other reason fewer cases than the average home shutter installation are shutters that help provide protection during weather events. These are the styles that open and close rather than being mounted permanently on the exterior of the house.