Preventing Rodents After an Infestation

Assuming you don’t have a rodent problem is easy. Unless your home is severely infested with rodents, it’s unlikely you’ll see one in person. However, you might be overlooking the signs that one or more unwelcome guests live in your home. If you notice rodent droppings, the materials rodents use when they nest, or you notice signs of chew marks on your food containers, you might have mice or rats. It’s important you call right away to find a rodent control Burbank CA company to help you get rid of rodents and learn to prevent them from returning to your home.

Keep the Holes Sealed

One of the most common ways to prevent rodents from getting into your home is simply by removing their access to your home. Close any openings, holes, or small entry points to keep them out of your home. This is easily done by patching holes, or even by inserting something as simple as steel wool into the holes to keep rodents out. They won’t try to remove it as it will harm them by causing serious pain.

Keep Food at Bay

You have to eat, but that doesn’t mean you must provide food for all the rodents in your life. You can avoid rodents in your home by keeping food in tight packages that aren’t easily chewed through. You shouldn’t leave any animal food or water outdoors, either. It attracts rodents and other unwanted animals, and it only makes your life more difficult if they’re tempted to come close to your home regularly.

Keep Trash Secure

It’s hard to keep trash secure when it piles up so fast between pickups, but you must keep it secure. Put trash in cans with secure lids, and don’t forget to fasten lids to prevent pests from getting into them. Trash is a great source of food for rodents, and it’s one that’s easily overlooked. Even when the trash is picked up, put the lid back on the can. It has a way of leaking and causing rodents to want to get into the cans to get the remnants, which is another easy problem to overlook.

Don’t Feed the Birds

Bird feeders are lovely, and many people enjoy having them around to keep their birds happy. However, they are a source of food for rodents, and you cannot have them if you’re trying to prevent rodents from getting into your home, garage, or shed. You want to encourage them to look for other homes, and they won’t do that if you’re feeding the birds in your own yard all the time.

Once your home is infested with rodents, it’s time to call a professional. When they infestation has been taken care of, it’s time to learn how to prevent it from occurring again. Prevention is easier, but only if you know how to properly prevent your home from becoming a source of food, shelter, and water for creatures you didn’t invite.