Most Common Problems with Plumbing

There are many options for plumbing services Summerlin NV. At one point or another, people are going to end up needing to call a plumber to help them with several different issues. With that being said, below are some of the most common plumbing issues that people deal with.

Clogged Drain

One of the most common plumbing issues is a clogged drain. There are several different reasons why a drain might be clogged. For starters, one of the biggest culprits of drain clogs is hair. This could be from washing your hair to shaving. The hair forms tight balls and clumps that get stuck in the drain and stop the water from going through. Another thing that causes drain clogs is foreign objects. This can happen a few different ways, such as a child sticking a toy in the drain to accidentally letting something like a washcloth go down. Since clogs are so common, plumbers can quickly and easily take care of the problem.

Low Water Pressure

The next issue that happens quite a bit is low water pressure. Most of the time, this occurs in the various faucets around the house. Sometimes, it only happens with the hot or cold, while other times it affects both. If it is affecting both, this usually points to the aerator. The biggest issue that happens with the aerator is that calcium builds up and makes it work less efficiently. In addition, other types of debris, such as rust and lime, can build up and do the same thing.

Running Toilet

Another pretty common issue that comes up is a running toilet. Most people will experience this at one point or another. Basically, what happens is the toilet tank keeps filling after you flush. Water in a normal toilet tank will stop filling as soon as it fills up. Most of the time, the toilet runs because of a faulty flapper or a faulty float ball. Both of these need to be in working order to ensure that the toilet runs efficiently and the way it needs to. Having the water continuously running could cause the toilet to overflow or components to break, which can cause leaks.

Overflowing Toilet

The final issue that happens quite a bit is an overflowing toilet. There are a few reasons why this could happen. The first one is that waste is too big to actually go down the hole. This will block it and cause it to not flush and backup. The other biggest reason is that the pipe connecting to the toilet has some kind of blockage. This could be anything from waste to a foreign object. If the pipe isn’t clear, the water can’t drain properly, which causes the water to not go down. When the water doesn’t go down and the tank fills, it has nowhere to go so it overflows out of the toilet bowl.

These are some of the most common plumbing issues, but the good news is that they are pretty easy to fix. As long as you get the issue fixed as soon as the problem comes, you won’t have to deal with the problem getting worse and doing more damage!