How to Beautify Your Gutter System

One area of home decoration that is often overlooked is the humble downspout. This is just something that helps rainwater to drain more efficiently, as far as most people are concerned. At the most, some people might paint them, but that’s about it. There are actually a few things you can do to put a little bit of flair on that drainpipe.

One thing you can do is add conductor heads at the point where the downspout meets the gutter. These are simply adapters that are mainly added for decoration, but also to keep steady head pressure on the water and improve drain flow. You can opt for a much cooler solution and replace part of the downspout with copper rain chains. To get a better idea of what these are, check out this video.

Now isn’t that cooler than a boring old pipe? As you can see, there is a receptacle underneath the pipe into which the water drains as it comes off the chain. As you can also see, these things are often not actually chains. There are many styles to choose from, which is a plus, because you can use a different style on each corner of your house if you want to. Not only are they available in a huge number of styles, they are also available in various different lengths and thicknesses. They usually cost between seventy and a hundred dollars.

Most of these rain chains are made from pure copper so as not to corrode. Some of the cheaper ones are made of aluminum, but are still resistant to corrosion even if they don’t look as attractive. Most companies that sell these things will also sell you a gutter adaptor kit. This is meant to ensure that the chains can be properly fitted to any gutter system.

Another option is to add decoration to the bottom of the downspout. A good example is this “gutter gargoyle“. This is an area where you see a lot of creativity. Some of these items use figures of animals or mythical creatures, while others are used to create the impression of a waterfall. There are virtually no limits.

Here is perhaps the most innovative downspout decoration that I have seen: the metal slide is used to give the appearance of a river full of salmon flowing down onto a garden. Both functional and beautiful at the same time, which is always a plus! Another interesting idea I have seen is to put some kind of figure underneath the gutters, making it look as if they are holding the gutters in place. It could be an animal, a person, a mythical creature…whatever suits your style.

Whatever your decorative tastes, a little searching can easily find all kinds of cool little touches for your downspout and gutter system. There is no reason to neglect this part of your home just because most others do so. The unorthodox nature of these decorations make them all the more impressive when you show them off!