Getting the Right Tools for Landscaping

Whether you own a landscaping company, or you want to landscape your lawn on your own, there are a few common tools and supplies that you will find that are beneficial. Most of the supplies that you would need can be purchased online or at a hardware store. When you have everything that you need, you should consider storing them in a shed at your home or in an enclosed truck if you plan on landscaping for other people so that the items aren’t damaged.

Purchase the items that are needed based on the budget that you have. While there are larger landscaping supplies that you might need, such as a lawnmower or a leaf blower, you can usually make smaller versions of these items work for the jobs that you have. A push mower can be used until you have enough money to get a riding mower, and you can get a rake to gather leaves or loose grass instead of a leaf blower.

Try Them Out

Before getting any kind of tool, you should try it out so that you know whether it’s too heavy to lift or if it’s made in a shape that is difficult to handle. Turn on any tools that are electric to see how you are supposed to operate them before taking them home. Tools that have a wooden handle or one that is metal-painted aren’t as heavy as tools that are completely made of metal. When you get the tools home, store them in the proper location so that moisture doesn’t reach them and so that they aren’t in the direct sunlight as the sun can cause fading. The sun can also sometimes warp certain materials, making it difficult to use them properly.

A rake with a bright base is a good choice so that you can see the tool when you’re raking instead of it blending with the leaves and other debris. Get a rake that has a sturdy handle and sturdy prongs that won’t bend while you’re raking. If you’re landscaping your own lawn, consider investing in at least a minimal irrigation system as part of the landscape supplies Penrith companies offer. You can get products that connect to your water hose and irrigate your lawn when you turn on the water. If you have flower beds or gardens, then you should consider a hand-held watering container so that you can ensure even the areas that are hidden are watered.

Pruning is a part of landscaping that many people forget about. You can get shears and scissors of all sizes depending on what you’re cutting. Examine the blades of the tools to see that they are sharp enough for the bushes and other plants that you want to cut. Shears with long handles are ideal for taller bushes while scissors work best for detailed projects. When you’re working in the yard, protect your hands by wearing gloves and a hat so that the sun doesn’t shine on your face and neck all day. If you’re loading tools on and off a truck, use the proper straps to keep them from falling off.